I will make mistakes ...


I have one huge advantage over most PhD students ... I make lots of mistakes.  In fact I have made so many that the novelty has worn off and it no longer bothers me.  The mistakes bother me, just not making the mistakes.  I had the good fortune to go to an excellent primary school where we were never told, "That is wrong, child!".  We had to correct errors and learn from them, but it was not a cause for a telling off ... that would come later at secondary school.

If I do everything correctly then I have only learnt the correct way.  If I get something wrong, correct it and learn from that correction then I have learnt two thing; why not to do it the first way and how to do it correctly.  Therefore, you may wince at some of the errors below, but feel free to to have both of us learn something.


The things learned


The mistakes