Meeting - 28th November 2013


Those Present: Prof. Liz Bacon, Prof. Lachlan MacKinnon, Dr. Cos Ierotheou, Andy Wicks

HCI lives in the social sciences rather than the computer science area because it deals with human actions rather than mathematical constructs.  This means that we need far larger samples than we would in a more controlled environment.

Karen Richardson, our Research Librarian, suggested that I use social media to find publications by a particular author.  For example, FaceBook, personal university web pages and LinkedIn are places where academics would also list their publications.  The University of Greenwich has a repository called GALA where most of the work published under our name is stored.  Each paper has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) so that it can be tracked.  These can be found relatively easily for journal publications, but those for conference papers are more difficult to track down.  Google Scholar and others, such as the DPBA run by the University of Trier, create DOIs for the papers they receive.  Unearthing the papers is part of the skill set one needs to acquire whilst taking a PhD.

A PhD is achieved asymmetrically, i.e. it cannot be completed by regular study.  Ten minutes here or there will not get you through.  You need to have periods of time in which you can sit down and concentrate.  

I now need to complete the RDA1 form.  Prof. Koulis Pericleous suggested that I should have completed this earlier (normally within six months of registering)Note: This has now been changed to two.  Takes a while to get to the well-formed research question which is what is needed for the RDA1 form to be approved by the Research Committee.  There was some debate around the time scale and the process.  The RDA1 should be put onto the site so that it can be assessed more easily.  The research question (and other bits) can be changed afterwards.  This latest version will be re-assessed at the next meeting.

The next stage should be the reading on VLEs which can then be distilled into the key things that the reading has taught me.  This becomes the material on which the summary paper on VLEs is based.  The next stage is to learn how to write academically.  What are the key topics in my area and how do these inter-relate (a mindmap, e.g. Docear or MindJet)?

It would be nice if any documentation to be discussed was made available for the weekend before any meetings.  Preferably, this would be in electronic form via this site.